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In Water is from Kamil's fifth collection of peoms yim myane sokhan 2007 (These My Words). This English translation of the ghazal appeared in a recent international anthology of poems Language for a New Century -- Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia and Beyond published by W. W. Norton & Company, New York. The collection includes four poets from Kashmir.

Read In Water in original Kashmiri.


In Water

Cities on Fire

The Dew

Despite Insight
Amin Kamil

An unknown doubt came in sight, despite all insight:
And we fell for the darkness in a morning clearly bright.

Look, shadows dissolve under the dense shade of trees;
It's like the mid-day scorching sun, in a late afternoon breeze.

A dusty storm at his back and a thick fog in the front
Makes Adam as uncertain as he is brilliant.

I too have studied the lessons of morals and ethics.
I too have erred with all that knowledge of its topics.

(more couplets to be added soon)

Translated from the Kashmiri by Muneebur Rahman

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